IP rights affect the way you do business.  It is important to understand how IP can guide business decisions and influence business relationships.  RKM provides a comprehensive slate of IP counseling services.  From helping you secure market share to understanding the competitive IP landscape, RKM's counseling services provide a logical and reasoned approach to IP management.   RKM helps clients define goals and develop strategies to clear the path to success.

Mining your IP Portfolio

Competitor Analysis

Keep a finger on the pulse of the competition. By understanding the direction of your competition, you can determine opportunities in your market. A competitive advantage may be gained by seeing the complete picture. RKM offers a full range of services customizable to your specific business needs.


Patentability searching and opinions

Information Management

Even if certain information does not rise to the level of trade secrets or patent eligibility, its dissemination or use may be protectable by contract.  Various types of contracts may be and should be used to protect your proprietary information.  For example, employment agreements should be used to ensure your company owns the intellectual property created or developed by its employees.  Also, end user license agreement (EULA’s) may be used to govern the use of your website or software product.  Confidential information may further be protected by nondisclosure agreements between you and p

Infringement and Litigation Avoidance

IP lawsuits are expensive.  A lawsuit will not only cost you money, but will distract you and your employees from running your business. Even the prospect of a lawsuit may hinder potential business opportunities. RKM aims to position its clients to avoid litigation wherever possible by understanding the IP landscape and appreciating the risk involved in doing business.


Freedom to operate search and opinion