Litigation Counsel

IP Litigation is nuanced.

Maybe you are a trial lawyer whose client is embroiled in an intellectual property dispute.  Or, maybe you are an IP litigator that just needs a bit of local guidance or logistical support.  RKM provides a full menu of services to help you help your client. While we are happy to take lead on an IP case or issue, we are just as happy providing support, visible or not, while you take the reins. Contact RKM for assistance with your intellectual property case.

We Offer IP Portfolio Development
Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Intellectual property rights of your client, whether established prior to or even after litigation has been threatened or commenced, may provide valuable leverage in settlement negotiations. Your client may even have intellectual property rights, such as unregistered copyrights or trademark rights, of which they are unaware.
We Offer IP Portfolio Counseling
It never hurts to get a second opinion. A second opinion may be used to maintain valuable privilege on legal opinion work or to get a challenging devil’s advocate opinion on an intellectual property conflict to point out potential weaknesses in your case. Alternatively, after eating and breathing your case for a period of time, it can be enlightening to get a fresh perspective on established issues and an unbiased analysis of previously unexplored topics.
We Help With IP Disputes
You have your trial team. You have a long-time client that trusts you to handle the trial, but you may not have intellectual property expertise. RKM’s practice focuses only on intellectual property law.Disputes involving patents, trademarks, copyrights and other related topics have nuanced aspects that are not generally encountered elsewhere and can result in unexpected consequences, even years after a supposed settlement. Even if you are an intellectual property attorney and would like assistance with thematic case development, RKM can help. RKM can also provide any level of local counsel services, from basic logistics and guidance on local courts to providing complete support throughout your entire case.
We Help With USPTO Trial Practice
The best way to challenge the validity of a patent or trademark isn’t always by asserting a defense in the courtroom. Utilizing the USPTO’s trial procedures promotes a direct, efficient resolution of certain threshold validity questions prior to or contemporaneous with litigation. Patent validity may be attacked from a variety of angles, and may even be attacked anonymously. RKM is experienced in using a variety of USPTO procedures successfully to invalidate problematic patents, and to ensure the proper scope of patent and trademark protection is maintained.