IP Counsel Outside US

IP is a competitive asset in the U.S.

Your clients depend on you to develop and defend their IP portfolio in your home country and throughout the world. Now it is time to protect your client’s IP rights in the United States. Let RKM partner with you to expand your client’s IP rights in the United States.

We Offer IP Portfolio Development
Your client wants to establish or defend a technological foothold or other competitive advantage in the United States. RKM can assist with patent, trademark, and copyright application filings, including priority claims under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, Paris Convention, Berne Convention, and other conventions and protocols. Early identification of intellectual property opportunities related to a particular project or technology adds value and can even guide the course of product development. Likewise, your client may wish to watch its competitors’ IP activity in the United States to maneuver and position itself for future gains. Whether you want to help your client get a single patent or develop a comprehensive portfolio of tens or even hundreds of patents, let RKM be a part of your team in identifying opportunity for portfolio management and growth inside and outside of the United States.
We Offer IP Portfolio Counseling
Let RKM work with you to identify intellectual property issues and opportunities that may arise in the United States in your client’s contracts, new marketing efforts, strategic company acquisitions or joint development, and new product launches. Certain processes and procedures can be standardized for ease of implementation both to protect owned or acquired IP and to attempt to avoid accusations of infringement by others.
We Help With IP Disputes
Your client may find itself called before a United States court to defend actions taken in the United States, or even to explain processes performed outside of the United States. Separate and apart from the federal courts, your client may be hailed before the International Trade Commission (ITC) or have U.S. Customs issues related to intellectual property rights registrations. Contact RKM for honest advice related to your client’s options.
We Help With USPTO Trial Practice
Perhaps your client is selling, or wishes to sell, a product in the United States but that product might be covered by a U.S. patent. Alternatively, maybe your client has a U.S. patent, but that patent has been attacked by someone else. RKM can assist in defending your client’s intellectual property rights in administrative proceedings in the United States Patent and Trademark Office in front of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) or the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).