IP can provide unparalleled returns.

You invest in technology.  You may have interests in one or more technologies and you want to maximize the return on your investment.  RKM can help you diligently to build, analyze, and defend an IP portfolio in line with your strategy; whether you are looking for a long term operation or a quick exit.

We Offer IP Portfolio Development
A solid IP portfolio is critical to operating a successful, innovative company and in generating value for a potential corporate strategic acquisition. In fact, intellectual property can form an exclusive basis for an acquisition. Strategic development of a well-rounded IP portfolio with RKM evidences due diligence to potential acquisition suitors and provides a defensible competitive position and justification for the ask.
We Offer IP Portfolio Counseling
Let RKM work with you to identify intellectual property issues and opportunities in your contracts, new marketing efforts, strategic company acquisitions or joint development, and new product launches. In addition to IP development, an oft overlooked portfolio asset is a freedom to operate opinion. If you have technology and are trying to sell a portfolio, a freedom to operate opinion will serve as further justification to a potential corporate strategic that once it acquires your intellectual property portfolio, it will be able to make and sell the products covered by your patents. If you are a potential investor in certain technology, a freedom to operate opinion can offer some comfort that your investment is supporting potentially viable technology.
We Help With IP Disputes
Intellectual property disputes are usually avoided by early stage companies that are attempting to assemble a portfolio suited for strategic acquisition. That said, sometimes early stage companies can find themselves in unfortunate situations of being accused of intellectual property infringement, whether or not such accusations are justified. When your investment needs to be defended, RKM will give you upfront and honest advice to assist you in resolving the matter in an efficient, cost effective manner.
We Help With USPTO Trial Practice
If you have identified a patent that may pose a competitive disadvantage, and if you want to know what options and solutions are available, consider turning to RKM to determine if a proactive attack on the validity of such patent is an advisable course of action. Perhaps your trademark has been or is planned to be used by others and you wish to stop the initial use or continued use thereof. RKM can assist in defending your intellectual property rights in administrative proceedings initiated by others in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.