Business Owners & Execs

Business owners and executives secure an IP position.

Companies can thrive on, and indeed be defined by, intellectual property ownership. Companies lead their industries by such example. Technological and creative development is catalyzed by disclosures required by intellectual property laws and regulations. Let RKM assist you and your team in developing and protecting your technological and creative position.

We Offer IP Portfolio Development
Intellectual property acquisition enhances a balance sheet. Whether it is goodwill from established brands, or licensing income, or competitive advantage protected by established intellectual property rights, a solid intellectual property portfolio brings value to the board room and investors. RKM will work with you to maximize the value from the wealth of your employee’s ingenuity, from establishing secure employee invention assignments, to procuring and securing governmentally issued intellectual property rights, to protecting trade secret and other confidential information.
We Offer IP Portfolio Counseling
An experienced portfolio can benefit from identification of competitive holes for new opportunities. A young portfolio can benefit from strategic expansion. An empty portfolio, well, is empty (see above regarding balance sheet enhancement). A thorough review of your intellectual property portfolio may reveal weaknesses and opportunities. From inception through development, acquisition and/or enforcement, RKM can assist you.
We Help With IP Disputes
Despite all attempted preventive activity, businesses either may find themselves accused of infringing another’s intellectual property rights or may learn of a competitor’s pirating of technology. Whether you are risk averse and desire to avoid future lawsuits or you find your company embroiled in a heated disagreement regarding infringement of intellectual property rights or breach of contract related to confidential or trade secret information, RKM can assist your company in reaching an efficient resolution to your dispute.
We Help With USPTO Trial Practice
Is a competitor’s patent standing in your way? Is licensing simply not an option? Or, has your patent been threatened by a proceeding in front of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB)? There are methods by which patents can be affirmatively challenged. Such methods are usually recommended affirmatively when you are aware of a blocking patent that cannot otherwise efficiently be licensed or worked around, or defensively perhaps after litigation has been threatened or filed against you.