Sometimes the most valuable property cannot be seen or touched. You have invested time and effort in your intellectual and creative endeavors.  RKM can assist you in securing the intellectual property rights that you deserve by helping you protect your invention, brand, artistic work, or product and packaging design.   Intellectual property rights take many varied and sometimes intertwined forms.  RKM's attorneys are experienced at procuring and maintaining all types of IP rights.
IP rights affect the way you do business.  It is important to understand how IP can guide business decisions and influence business relationships.  RKM provides a comprehensive slate of IP counseling services.  From helping you secure market share to understanding the competitive IP landscape, RKM's counseling services provide a logical and reasoned approach to IP management.   RKM helps clients define goals and develop strategies to clear the path to success.
Intellectual property can form some of the most valuable assets of a business. Whether someone is infringing your IP rights, or accusing you of infringing theirs, RKM will work with you in resolving IP disputes with a focus on your goals. With RKM you get honest advice backing up realistic expectations.   RKM’s litigation team is skilled at developing business-oriented resolutions to legal disputes. But, when it’s not possible to resolve a dispute outside of court, RKM will guide you through every stage of litigation, from inception to the highest levels of appeal. 
Challenging the validity of a competitor’s patent. Defending your brand against imposters. A competitor’s patent or trademark may be hindering your ability to do business. Protect your right to do business. Utilizing the USPTO’s administrative proceedings can help you clear the path to success in lieu of, or in tandem with, traditional courtroom proceedings. RKM’s dispute resolution team is experienced in a wide variety of USPTO administrative proceedings and has a history of success in advocating client’s rights in front of the administrative boards of the USPTO.