Intellectual Property Disputes
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Litigation and Trial Support

It is important to have the right team assembled to succeed in litigation. Today’s global marketplace means that people are conducting business across the country and, as a result, being sued in jurisdictions that may be far from home. Perhaps you and your attorney are located out of state and are looking for an advisor to give you a local perspective and help you with logistics on the ground. Maybe you have a trial team ready, but are looking for an IP specialist to provide guidance on the intricacies of IP law. Whatever you need to complete your team, RKM is ready to help.


Local counsel

RKM’s litigation team is experienced at litigating cases in the Eastern District of Wisconsin, the Western District of Wisconsin and the Northern District of Illinois. Because RKM litigates throughout the country, we understand that the role of local counsel is different in every case. We also understand the importance of having someone local in your corner. RKM’s litigation team stands ready to assist as local counsel in whatever capacity you need—technical, legal, or logistical.


Specialty counsel

Every member of RKM’s litigation team has a scientific or engineering degree and is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Additionally, we all have experience prosecuting patents, trademarks and copyrights. We believe this gives us a unique perspective on IP litigation. If you have a trial team, but are looking for IP specialists to help understand the nuances of IP law, RKM is happy to complete your litigation team.


Our Intellectual Property Disputes Attorneys

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