Intellectual Property Portfolio Counseling
Mining your IP Portfolio

Competitor Analysis

Keep a finger on the pulse of the competition. By understanding the direction of your competition, you can determine opportunities in your market. A competitive advantage may be gained by seeing the complete picture. RKM offers a full range of services customizable to your specific business needs.


Patentability searching and opinions

Is your new device, system or method patentable?  What is the potential scope of patent protection available to you?  A patentability search and opinion is a survey of existing technology, patents and published patent applications and RKM’s opinion as to the breadth of possible patent protection.  A patent search is recommended prior to drafting and filing a patent application to provide the patent drafter with an appreciation of the features and nuances of your invention.  More knowledgeable patent drafting is likely to lead to earlier patent allowance and issuance, thus establishing your patent rights in a more efficient manner.


Trademark searching and opinions

When you would like to establish a new brand for your product, business, or service, a trademark search and opinion is recommended.  Trademark searches may be undertaken at a variety of resolutions.  A knockout trademark search at the U.S. Patent and Trademark office may be sufficient to provide a certain level of comfort prior to adopting a product name, while a more comprehensive trademark search, including searching common law rights and state trademark registrations, may be in order prior to establishing a new house mark.  RKM can help you establish a clear brand protection strategy.


Competitor patent portfolio monitoring (by inventor, technology, company)

Information is power.  What are your competitors doing to protect their technology?  What are they doing to attempt to get a competitive edge over you?  What can you do to get a competitive technological edge over your competition?  RKM’s patent monitoring services are customizable to your industry.  Be provided with up-to-date information on a schedule selected by you, where such information relates to patents issued or patent applications published related to particular technology, naming a particular inventor, or owned by a particular company.


Competitor IP litigation monitoring (by company, patent, or trademark)

Risk is a part of doing business.  RKM can help you manage litigation risk by monitoring court filings for particular parties, patents, or trademarks and advise you accordingly.  You can elect to receive litigation updates on a scheduled basis or as litigation events develop.  RKM can keep you up to date with the litigation intelligence that can assist in everything from day to day operational decisions to big picture strategic technology direction.


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