Intellectual Property Portfolio Counseling
Mining your IP Portfolio
Goal Oriented IP Strategy Development
RKM works to understand not only your technology, but also your business. With this knowledge, RKM is able to craft a strategy to maximize your IP protection within your budget. Whether your market is local or global in scope, RKM’s attorneys will assist you in determining what type of IP...
Intellectual Property Asset Management
You are not alone. IP can form the foundation for lasting business relationships. You may be looking to expand the reach of your business by acquiring IP or even partnering with a competitor to develop a new technology. In these delicate situations, RKM looks out for your best interests while...
Infringement and Litigation Avoidance
IP lawsuits are expensive.  A lawsuit will not only cost you money, but will distract you and your employees from running your business. Even the prospect of a lawsuit may hinder potential business opportunities. RKM aims to position its clients to avoid litigation wherever possible by...
Information Management
Even if certain information does not rise to the level of trade secrets or patent eligibility, its dissemination or use may be protectable by contract.  Various types of contracts may be and should be used to protect your proprietary information.  For example, employment agreements should...
Competitor Analysis
Keep a finger on the pulse of the competition. By understanding the direction of your competition, you can determine opportunities in your market. A competitive advantage may be gained by seeing the complete picture. RKM offers a full range of services customizable to your specific business needs...

Our Intellectual Property Portfolio Counseling Attorneys

Joseph A. KromholzFounding Partner
John M. ManionFounding Partner
Dan JohnsonPartner
Patrick J. FleisPartner
Laura A. DableAttorney
Stephen A. KobzaAttorney